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Introduction: College students looking to get into #InvestmentBanking, read below to see why I picked Investment Banking as a career out of college and why you should too. Investment Banking amplifies your career and gives you a leg up on what you want to do after your time in Investment Banking.

Three Reasons Why I Chose Investment Banking:

  1. I wanted deal experience. What does this mean? I wanted to work on M&A transactions and capital market activities (e.g., debt offerings & equity raises) and understand how deals came together from the point of a seller, buyer, and creditors (I worked in restructuring).
  2. I wanted to develop a solid technical and soft skill set. Let’s break these two down a bit more.
    • Technical Skill Set means the following (to me): Can you take a CIM, a 10-K, or a teaser and extrapolate the given data to create a 1-page write-up on a deal or company that speaks to the merits of the deal (favorable or a negative). Further, can you leverage excel as a tool to complete an analysis (whatever it might be, e.g., accretion/dilution, LBO, DCF, forecasting analysis, etc.)
    • Soft Skill Set means the following (again, to me): can you take a blank PowerPoint and use it to convey a story to a buyer or seller to speak to why the transaction or investment is worthwhile, i.e., should we buy or sell or raise capital or divest an asset, etc.
  3. I knew I wanted to be an investor/operator as an “end state” for my career. As I researched the career of folks that I admire (e.g., Thomas Tull, John Malone, Ken Moelis, Josh Harris, Louis Bacon, Bob Iger, Neil & David Rimer, Meg Whitman, Deborah Farrington, Indra Nooyi), I realized most had backgrounds in either consulting/banking/buy-side. I knew that investment banking was the best place for me to go and start my career – get my feet wet and then go from there.

Conclusion: This exercise aims to further remove the noise from your day-to-day and remain focused on what matters – getting a job in Investment Banking. Please leave all questions below in the comment or email me directly at or text me at 310.526.2906! Also, feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts on what else you’d like to see. Thank you all!

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