How to Get Into Investment Banking

by Saajan Doshi


Hey, I’m Saajan Doshi. My goal is to help students be successful in their journey to get into Investment Banking. My only question, will it be you?

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Who This Is For…

Students that are tired of trying to figure this out on their own

It gets to be a little confusing when there is so much noise out there

Students that are sick of wasting time on tactics that are outdated and worked 10 years ago

The landscape is more competitive than ever, and you must adapt to break into Investment Banking

Students that are scared to even take the first step

Sometimes the hardest step is the first one. I am going to help you break through

Students that want consistency in their networking efforts and in landing interviews

Instead of crossing your fingers each month, why not have some predictable results?

Does this sound like you?
If so, you are in the right place!

Who Is Saajan Doshi:

Saajan Doshi is a mentor & coach for college students trying to land their dream job in Investment Banking. He is known for helping students of all backgrounds identify their ideal career paths, develop relationships with industry professionals, land interviews, and win offers.

This is done by focusing on what matters for each individual student he works with:

a. Understanding your WHY & Analyzing your SITUATION
b. Mapping out your Short & Long-Term Career Goals
c. Developing an actionable R.O.I. Strategy (Reaching Out Initiative)
d. Identifying your M.V.R’s. (Most Valuable Relationships)
e. How to move with P.P.D. (Purpose, Process, and Discipline)

Saajan Doshi

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