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Hey everyone, welcome to episode 8 (“Product vs. Coverage Groups”)!

In today’s episode, we will be going over an exercise that will help you understand the following:

  1. Does it matter if you are in a Product or Coverage / Industry Group?
  2. How to approach this in networking if you are a Non-Target or a Target student
  3. How does this impact your long-term career and associated next steps
  4. What happens on a day-to-day basis in these groups

This episode is about understanding what goes on within product or industry groups and why having an opinion on them is essential, e.g., where you land today will impact the moves you can make tomorrow.

This exercise aims to further remove the noise from your day-to-day and remain focused on what matters – getting a job in Investment Banking.

Please leave all questions below in the comment or email me directly at or text me at 310.526.2906! Also, feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts on what else you’d like to see. Thank you all!

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