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Hey everyone,

Welcome to episode 7 (“Analyze your situation”)!

In today’s episode, we will be going over an exercise that will help you understand the following:

  1. What type of school do you go to, and how will that impact your recruiting efforts, e.g., historical placements?
  2. What have you done so far? What is your body of work and your G.P.A.?
  3. What does on-campus recruiting look like at your school?
  4. What is your financial situation, e.g., can you stay an extra year in school?
  5. When will you graduate, and how old are you?

This episode is all about taking a step back and having accountability for where you are today. How do we do that? We ask the hard questions because it is these questions that will help us figure out the best path forward for you on your journey into Investment Banking

This exercise aims to further remove the noise from your day-to-day and remain focused on what matters – getting a job in Investment Banking.

Please leave all questions below in the comment or email me directly at or text me at 310.526.2906! Also, feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts on what else you’d like to see. Thank you all!

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